Precious Moments Sharing The Precious Moments CC189003

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Sharing The Precious Moments
Precious Moments Collectors' Club

These sweethearts only have eyes for each other as they celebrate another precious moment, captured perfectly. Elegant details include faux pearls, wavy hair and a shimmery sash with matching shoes!
This absolutely lovely gift is just perfect for our 2018 Collectors’ Club Theme, “Precious Moments Captured”. His adorable painting is a picture of our 2018 Symbol of Membership!
Makes a perfect gift for you and your sweetheart or your best friend! Absolutely adorable in a collection, or buy all three 2018 Collectors’ Club figurines as beautiful table top or shelf decor.
Meticulously sculpted in bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted.
Approximately 5.5H x 5W x 3.5D inches.