Precious Moments Capturing Each Precious Moment With Care CC189002

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Capturing Each Precious Moment With Care
Precious Moments Collectors' Club

Committed to getting the portrait of his sweetheart just right, this handsome artist dressed in paint-splattered blue jeans and a smock closes one eye, making sure to capture every precious detail!
This absolutely lovely gift honors our 2018 Collectors’ Club Theme, “Precious Moments Captured”. Also, our adorable artist is painting a picture of the girl in our 2018 Symbol of Membership figurine!
Makes a perfect gift for you and your sweetheart or your best friend! Absolutely adorable in a collection; buy all three of our 2018 Collectors’ Club figurines as beautiful table top or shelf decor.
Meticulously sculpted in bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted.
Approximately 5.5”H

Issued: 2018