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Bratwurst Booth, Set of 2
Department 56 Alpine Village

2017 marks the 10th in the series of the Christmas Market Booths for Alpine Village. For many in both Europe and America, shopping at the Christmas Market is as much of a holiday tradition as putting up the tree. Now hungry shoppers can stop for an authentic German treat, Bratwurst. Check the details: grill in the center of the booth hold tiny sculpted sausage links, while the metal hanging hood helps vent the smell of the grill to the rest of the marketplace. The history of Bratwurst can be traced back to 14th century Nuremberg, Germany. In America, Brats are a summertime favorite, especially at baseball parks. Bratwurst festivals are popular in areas where population has strong German heritage such as Wisconsin and Ohio. Set of 2 includes vendor tempting a “Wiener Dog” with a Brat.

5.2 in H x 3.07 in W x 3.46 in L
Issued: 2017