Lladro A Sea Of Flowers 01007710

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A Sea Of Flowers

Lladro Lladro Privilege
Sculptor: Joan Coderch
A strong breeze is blowing on the cliff top as a young woman looks out to sea. We see the flower-covered path along which she has come. Her dress is billowing in the wind, and the modeling of the porcelain conveys a realistic feeling of movement. The piece is particularly noteworthy for the number of flowers -over 300- and their many sizes and varieties. All of them are hand-made, petal by petal, and worth underlining is the fact that the stamina is also placed one by one in each flower, even in the smaller ones. Limited Edition 1000 pieces
Dimensions: 12.75 in. X 14.75 in.
Year Issued: 2006
Status: Retired