Swarovski 2018 SCS Annual Edition Giraffe Mudiwa 5301550

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2018 SCS Annual Edition Giraffe Mudiwa

The SCS Annual Edition 2018 Giraffe, Mudiwa executed in brilliant Swarovski crystal with a design evolution with a coating. A special fading effect was utilized creating an elegant and sophisticated effect reflecting the giraffe's graceful fur pattern. Mudiwa in Shona (an African language) means beloved one, favorite/special one. Designer Martin Zendron's initials and year 2018 are laser engraved on the giraffe.

7 7/8 X 2 3/4 X 2 1/4 in.
Designer: Martin Zendron
Free 1-year Membership in the Swarovski Crystal Society with the purchase of this piece.